Wizard World Toronto Comicon was an amazing experience for all of us at MDS Studios.

We have to Photos to prove it! Be sure to check out the Events section to read more about the amazing 3-days we spent meeting celebrities, fans, and thanks to all who were able to make it out to say hi!

Check out our photos from the con! http://www.steelbreed.com/events.html

Now on to Anime North in June! Its been a while since I saw anime fans in their natural environment...


Steel Breed Rocks Wizard World Toronto Comicon

We Just finished posting Page 15 online!


Brecht is facing his greatest challenge ASLEEP!!!! HAHAHAHA!

Don't miss it guys!

Feedback!!! Feedback!!!


Issue 1 Page 15 Now Available!!!

We Just finished posting Page 13 online!


The story is now getting really DARK, as the Schaduwen make their dramatic appearance!

Don't miss it guys!


Steel Breed Issue 1 Page 13 is now available

We'd like to thank Manny Pacquiao for his spectacular win against Miguel Cotto!

We'd also like to say that we are sorry for the delay of Issue 1 Page 12 of Steel Breed because of Manny's win...

Having Said that please check out page 12:


Congratz again Champ!


I'll admit, its a bit late hahaha, but we've released page 9!

Please have a look guys!



Hey Everybody!

Its 2:20am and we just posted Steel Breed Issue 1 Page 8! You can all read it at http://www.steelbreed.com/comics.html

Feedback is appreciated!


Life is funny

2009-10-08 00:27:48 by animevortex

Its funny, I've actually been on New Grounds for over 3 years now, but never actually contributed... Now that I've got lots of free time, I'm here and want to make a difference!

I'll be posting new content every now and again! Mostly sketches of my new online comic! I hope you guys enjoy it! steelbreed.com